Master of Theology

American Bible University

Master of Theology


Associate Degree or equivalent.


  • Minimum of 60 credit hours
  • Maximum Advanced Standing: 8 hours


Tuition Free

APU does not charge tuition based on credit hours. In order to remain sustainable, APU charges small processing fees for application (onetime $50), and learning assessment. Financial aid is also available.

  • Onetime application fee: $50
  • Learning Assessment fee: $100 monthly.

Textbooks NOT included

Financial Aid is available
To apply for financial aid:

  • You have to be admitted into APU,
  • You must fill out a financial aid application.

Required Courses

Biblical Studies

  • BI500 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • BI501 Introduction to the New Testament
  • BI600 Old Testament Theology
  • BI601 New Testament Theology

Theological Studies

  • TH500 Christian Doctrine
  • TH600 Apologetics
  • TH601 Hermeneutics
  • TH650 Contemporary Theology I
  • TH651 Contemporary Theology II

Ministry Studies

  • MS500 Christ centered Preaching
  • MS502 Church Administration and Leadership
  • MS560 Christian Worship and spiritual renewal
  • MS570 Globalization and the Great Commission
  • MS610 Ministry Practicum

Church History Studies

  • CH600 Church History