Affiliate Programs for Non ABU Students

American Bible University

Affiliate Programs for Non ABU Students

These programs are available to ALL; BAU students and non ABU students.

Online Bible School


  1. None

How does it work:

  1. You get an online school that is affiliated with American Bible University. Click here to see a live affiliate Online School
  2. You pay a onetime setup fee of $175
  3. You pay hosting and maintenance fees.Two payment options:
    • Annually: $250
    • Monthly: $35
  4. Students who enroll to your affiliate online school are ABU students, and pay a $35 enrollment fee.
  5. Students who enroll to your affiliate online school pay $35 per course. You keep 100% of it.
  6. American Bible University keeps ownership of the affiliate online school.
  7. Courses are loaded only by American Bible University


  1. Can I name my affiliate online school?
    • Yes, you can name you affiliate online school
  2. Can I add my own courses?
    • No. You cannot add your own courses. If you wish to add your courses, please consider getting your own online school, instead of an affiliate school.
  3. Can I have my own domain name for my affiliate online school; for example www.my_
    • Yes. It’s included in the setup fee.
  4. Can I change the price charged for the courses?
    • NO. Prices are the same for all ABU online affiliate schools.

How do I signup for an affiliate online school?:

Click here to signup