Affiliate Programs for ABU Students

These programs are available only to American Bible University  in good standing.

Online Bible School


  1. You must be enrolled in a Degree Program at American Bible University
  2. Your monthly Learning Assessment and Technology fee payments must be current

How does it work:

    1. You get an online school that is affiliated with American Bible University. Click here to see a live affiliate Online School
    2. You pay onetime $55 setup fees.
    3. You pay hosting and maintenance fees.Two payment options:
      • option 1:Annually: $150
      • option 2:Monthly: $15
Enroll today, and get an onlone Bible school, with no setup fees, and no hosting and maintenance fees for the 1st year.
  1. Students who enroll to your affiliate online school are ABU students, and pay a onetime $35 enrollment fee. The enrollment fee goes to ABU.
  2. Students who enroll to your affiliate online school pay $35 per course. You keep 100% of the course fee.
  3. American Bible University keeps ownership of the affiliate online school, and courses.
  4. Courses are loaded only by American Bible University


  1. Can I name my affiliate online school?
    • Yes, you can name you affiliate online school
  2. Can I add my own courses?
    • No. You cannot add your own courses. If you wish to add your courses, please consider getting your own online school, instead of an affiliate school.
  3. Can I have my own domain name for my affiliate online school; for example www.my_
    • Yes. It’s included in the setup fees.
  4. Can I change the price charged for the courses?
    • NO. Prices are the same for all ABU online affiliate schools.

I would like to enroll, and get my online Bible school:

Click here to enroll